Jan. 2009 Exam Prep Class
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In reference to the exam, I believe I did well.  I felt good about
the entire process. I answered a lot of the questions without the
book and I found most of the answers in the code book.  During
the class we reviewed a lot of material similar to the test.
I want you to know that even though I can't compare your
classes to other instructors, I believe your classes were very well
taught and helpful.  Worth recommending to my friends.    Luis
Hey Alan, Just wanted to say thank you for all the helpful tips and
information. I don’t know my results yet…but without your class I
would not have been prepared. I purchased ALL the state
recommended reference material and put A LOT of time into
studying them. I feel without your class I would have been
chasing my tail (especially through the Code book…xxxxxx is the
key!!!). Your inserting of the tabs in our NFPA 72 and Reference  
books worked very well also. The test seemed pretty straight
forward, but there were some things that I have questions about.  
Thanks again! Take care. Mike
Thanks for all your help. I received my paper work from the State
advising me I passed all parts ( the first time out). Your class was
really helpful. I do not think I would have passed all parts the first
time if it was not for your class. Taking the test for the first time I
was really concerned about the time factor. Your class prepared
me for that test. I have already referred some people to you.
Thanks again, Frank
Alan,  Thanks for the class, which
helped me understand the code
,etc. I PASSED
I recommend your class for all.
Alan thx for the excellent info you
passed on to us.....I passed all three
parts. Your class was very helpful.
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I PASSED!!! 96 on the
business law. 94 on
the alarm, 80 on the
NEC. Thanks for all the
help Alan. I believe
your class made the
difference. Thanks
again. Mike
Even though I did not pass, I feel
good about the results because its
my first time.  Your classes have
made me come real close to a
passing grade on at least two of the
exams.  I will retake the test in July
and I definitely feel more confident
about it.
Hello Alan,
I passed all 3 exams with the following scores:
Electrical Contractor - 91
Business and Law - 100
Alarm Systems Contractor - 92

Thank you very much for your class. For this very limited time
frame (5 weeks) your class is very well organized. You really
taught us how to use NEC on the exam and with this technique
(index), it is much faster to find the right answer, which is crucial
on the exam.
Thanks again,
Alan, Your exam prep was excellent!
Totally worth the time and $$. I PASSED !!!!
Sorry it has taken me so long to get back to
you. I am writing to you to inform you that I
did pass my test.  I originally took my test in
January of 2008 with no preparation classes.
 I passed the alarms test with a 70 and the
business law with an 88.  But to my dismay I
only got a 65 on the electrical code.  I
re-took the electrical code exam 6 months
later in July 2008.  Again I didn't take a prep
class and did maybe about 16 hours of
studying.  Again, to my dismay I missed a
passing score by a mere 2 points with a
score of 68.  So, I figured third time is a
charm, and that is when I knew that I didn't
want to take this damn test more than three
times.  So I searched and I searched for a
reputable prep class and many of them were
much to far from home.  I called the board
of electric and they had your name on a list
of prep classes.  That is when I called you
and I spoke with you and you told me to go
to your web page and that everything that I
would need to know would be on your web
page.  I paid the $625, which I will admit I
thought was a little steep at the time, and I
began your Saturday morning courses.  I
gave you my undivided attention every
class, and did the worksheets at home that
you handed out.  The yellow calculations
book that you gave out was extremely
crucial to me passing the test.  That is a
wonderful learning tool for your students and
I am glad that I now have that book. Your
class really taught me the ins and outs of
the code book which enabled me to quickly
find the answers in the code book during my
exam.  After I received my letter from
prometric stating that I had passed my test
with a score of 83, I thought to myself that
the $625 that I thought originally was a little
steep, was actually a small price to pay for
me to reach this milestone of my electrical
career.  I could not think of a better way to
invest $625 in myself then the way that I did
in your class.  I enjoyed your methods of
instruction, even when you made the
questions so hard that you would even trick
yourself. Bottom line, you showed me how
to pass the test.  And I did pass it with an 83.
 Thank you so much for offering this course
and making me a better electrician.  I hope
the other students that have taken your
class, pass of fail, realize what a privilege it
was to take your class.
Thank you, JR
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