July 2009 Exam Prep Class
Student Comments / Results
from recent classes  
done it without your class, your I am
confident that I could not have
explanations of the code, your
excellent reference material and books
and your motivational method.  Thank
you..Thank you very much.  
I would like to thank you for your help.
You helped
raise my score 20 points
on each test.  
I want to thank for your training
program. Without it I doubt if I would
have passed any of the tests.
I just received the result of the test,
you can
add me to your list of success
. I took the test two times before
and could not pass (65 both times) I
contacted you and signed up for your
class. I must admit the drive was a pain
in neck (1-1/2 hours to get there and
2+ hours to get home)
I followed your suggestions and really
put in the time outside of class.
I do believe that "you can only get out
what you put in". Everything that I did
was well worth it.  
Just wanted to say Thank You. I
received my results today. I'm sure I
would not have done this well without
your course.  
Thanks Alan If not for your class my
score of 75 would have been more like
a 60.   
I just wanted to let you know that I
passed the electrical trade section part
with a score of an 80.  Your class
really helped me out.  I am now able to
get my license and start my own
company.  Thank you for your help.  I
will be telling all my other fellow
electricians that want to pass the test
to sign up for your class.  I took your
class in March but had to wait until July
to take the test and I still passed.  
Thank you very much.  
Hello Alan.  I got my scores passed all
3 parts
. Wouldn't have passed if not
for your class.  Thanks a lot.  GO
I passed the hardest.   
I do want to thank you for helping pass
the other two exams.  I'm thrill.  
pass pass pass   
  wow    its exciting   
Best Scores:
for July 2009 prep class

NEC            92

ALARMS     94

BUS/LAW   96

Success Rate TBA
Alan, I passed all 3 parts. I scored
much  better than I thought.
Thanks for you help        
If it wasn't for some of the questions
that you went over in class such as the
answers I automatically knew without
looking in the book I would of failed.  I
thank you for that. Thanks again for all
your help.
After your class I took the test for the
first time and passed. 90 and above on
all 3 exams
. Your class gave me the
direction and confidence that I needed
to pass the exams. Getting my license
has been a life long dream that you
have helped to make a reality. I will
definitely recommend you to my