I would really like to thank you for
providing such valuable information.
Your classes were worth every
Hopefully I passed all the exams
because I don't want to sit through that
again. Again, you did a great job and I
look forward to attending any other
classes you host in the future.  
I had just finished another prep course
which ended on Saturday and planned
on staying at the Hotel and just
happened on your  
crash course, I'm
glad I did I got much more out of it than
studying alone I feel I picked up at
LEAST 5-10 answers which I was able
to answer immediately.
Alan, Hi I thought your course was exceptional,I took
your e-mails,and study material and tests and did it all
including just looking everything up to get good at using
the books. The grounding and security books were
"very" helpful as well as the Calculation "yellow" book. I
am 99% sure I passed 'Electrical" because I found all
the answers.
I loved your class it was the
difference between guessing and knowing.
gave me the structure and direction and taught me how
to use the book and charts. Thank you again.  
COMMENTS - October 2009 & Crash Course
I've learned more in 5 days with Alan than the 4
years in trade school!
His knowledge and helpful
hints were the only reason I was ready for this test. I
knew answers on the test right away because of how
similar his questions were in the classes. Thanks Alan
Sunday night's crash course really
helped. Most of those questions were
on the exam
verbatim!     T.T.
Crash course was right to the point
and a lot of it was right on the test.
Very helpful. -
Thank you so much Alan. If it was not for your classes
there is no way I would have been ready for these
I knew what to expect, there were no
All your questions were right on with how
the exam actually was. I cannot express how happy I
am...passing these tests meant so much to me. Thanks
again, I will be sure to tell as many people as I can
about you and your classes. -
Alan, I pass the test! Thank you for the
preparation! I will recommend you to
any future people I know taking the
test; it was worth all the money I spent.
I felt very confident and ready for
the exam.  
- P.M.
Alan, got my results today- PASSED
ALL 3!!
Lowest score was an 80.
Thank you for all the help.
Your class was great! I was very confident after the
test because
I was so well prepared. You covered
all the important as specs of the test and prepared us
for the business and alarm tests which most of your
every day electricians don’t know too much about. I
would definitely recommend your class to any
electrician seeking there license.
- J.T.
Today I received my test results. I passed.  Thank you
so much for your help.
If it wasn't for you, I would
not have been able to do it.
 I will be referring you
to anyone that could use your services. And I will be
attending your  future classes.
- J.R.
Hey Alan, got my test results today.
I passed. Thanks for everything. You
are the best teacher.
- D.S.   
Alan-  FYI ..I passed all 3 exams,
lowest score was an 83
The crash
course was a great review
would strongly recommend taking it!
Thanks again
- A.V. Sent from my
Verizon Wireless Black Berry