January 2010 Exam Prep Class & Crash Course
Student Comments / Results
from recent classes  
First I would like to say thank you for everything.  I did pass all three sections of
my test.  The fire alarm section, which I was extremely concerned with, was
actually my highest score.  
I definitely could have never passed without
taking your class.
 I really surprised myself with my scores.  Again I would just
like to say thank you and I will definitely recommend you as well as coming to you
for update courses.  Again, thank you.  
Best Scores:
for Jan.  2010 prep class

NEC            96

ALARMS     98

BUS/LAW   96

Class Success
Rate =  
88%  (to date)
I received my scores yesterday and I'm
happy to say I
passed all three parts
on my first try
.I thought you did an
excellent job with the class. The pace
was manageable and the material was
right on point. I will recommend you to
anyone who is considering sitting for
this exam.
If anyone would have
told me I would have scored this
high I would have just laughed!  
Alan, Thanks for everything! I Passed! Your Class really helped me  to focus
on what I needed to study
. I would recommend your class to anyone who is
pursuing their license. I thought that we did not spend enough time on Alarm and
Law, but after receiving my grades  
I see that you were right on. I would
recommend to anyone taking the class to trust your process, attend all of the
classes, and put the time in on the study material. I averaged 2 - 3 hours a day
study time 4 - 5 days a week. I did all of the questions you sent via E-mail Prior to
and during the prep class period. The Electrical exam was difficult, but your class
questions were harder. I felt confident in the exam, easily navigating the code
book. I did need and use every minute of the 4 hours. Thanks again.
Alan, Your electrical exam preparation
course and crash course were
extremely helpful in helping me pass my
exam, as well as being useful  out in the
field. Thank you again for passing on
so many helpful hints and testing
. I am very grateful.      DF
Dear Alan, I am pleased to announce
that I passed all parts of the exam.
Your class was vital in my
success in taking this exam.
thank you very much for the effort
you put into preparing me for the
exam.  Receiving my electrical license
has been a goal for me since I was 16
years old when I first enrolled in the
Morris County School of Technology,
and being able to take this exam with
the confidence in knowing I was fully
prepared for it was paramount.  
Thanks again  
Hi Alan,
I just received the exam result today
you can put me on your list as
one of the FIRST TIME test taker to
passed all the exams.
Do it Right the
First Time and Do it with the Best
Review course with ALAN CHECH for a
Better Tomorrow.
Hi Alan. Thanks a lot for the course, was very helpful. I
passed all three parts.
Thanks again        TK
Alan, I passed all three parts and this was my first time taking the test.  Your class really helped identify
what was important to know for the test as well as helped me understand different components I was unfamiliar
with prior to the course.  I would highly recommend this class to anyone sitting for the test.  I am certain I would
not have passed without it.  Thank you.
Sorry for the late response I was busy
. I passed. Thank you very
Thank you Mr. Chech. I passed! I really think that your
class was very very helpful.
English is my second
and I never been to school in this country.
This was my third time taking the test and this time I found
the test to be very easy. Thank you so much for your help
I got three kids and I think this licence can help make my
life a little be better.  
I passed with 96’s across
the board
.  This was my
first time taking the exam.
Hey Alan sorry it took so long to get back to you
but I want to thank you from the bottom of my
heart.  I have completed college and through all
levels of schooling
you are the best teacher I
have ever had.
 You gave me the confidence,
skills, and know how on how to pass the test.  
Yes I passed all three parts. Again thanking
feels like  not enough but thank you so much. I
will spread the word about you and direct anyone
who needs help to you.  
Alan, I passsed all 3 exams the first
thanks to your class. Never having
taken the test before I had no idea what
to expect.
Thanks to your class I was
prepared and relaxed.
Hi, Alan. I passed all three sections of the exam. First time
Could not have done it without your class.
Thanks again for your support and knowledge. I would
NOT have passed without your seminar.  
Alan -Thank you for doing your homework with
the test prep. It paid off for me.
You were spot
on for 99 out of 100 questions
. I must have
been in the bathroom during your class for the
one I missed.