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Thanks Alan this is
good info. By the way
your class was the
best class I’ve taken
since I got my license.

NEC Code
Alan, I thought your first class was
terrific. Not since my time in a
classroom while serving in the US Navy
had any instructor had my attention
like you did. I recently graduated from
the Union County Vo Tech and
of the teachers come close to your
level of expertise.
I am as confident
as ever that I will pass this exam. Take
Care, RP
April 2009 Exam Prep Class
Your class was an honest learning
You told me everything
I needed to do pass the test
. If I did
not have the knowledge or the time to
learn the material you provided the
tools. And took the time to show why
the code was written for our safety.

If I new someone that was planning to
take the test I would roll them up in BX
cable (AC) and drag them to you
rather than let them go it alone.   RR
I did like how your questions were harder
than the ones on the exam.
It made
taking the exam less intimidating.

Also I had 20 to 35 minutes left on all the
exams. I felt no pressure to complete
any portion of the test once my nerves
calmed. I feel that's do to the prep that
you had given us. Thank you very much
for making this seminar available.  FD
Getting to see examples of questions
exactly as they appeared on the
real exam
saved lots of time.  There
was probably 20 questions I didn't
need to look up because I knew the
answers off the top of my head.  GB
For me the NEC was way harder then
the other two.   Over all you gave us
the right information and told us what
to study, and that made a huge
Without your class I did
not even stand a chance
passing.  BH
Questions WERE worded to trick you,
so your class was VERY helpful when it
came to that.   FR
Hi Alan, thank you for preparing me for
the exam. I definitely would not have
had a chance to pass it without the
insight your training provided.
I was
able to find the code sections
and efficiently. RP
Thanks for all your help.  Your class
prepared me well.
Just want to thank you very much. I
appreciate all the help. Some of the
questions we went over were
actually on the exam.
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I knew as soon as I walked out of the
exam I passed. Teaching is an under
estimated skill and
you exceeded my
Thank you for getting
me through this process. Also..that
Pizza was really good.    RP
Best Scores:
for April 2009 prep class

NEC            95

ALARMS     96

BUS/LAW   96